Titanium Chess

The performance of difficult-to-cut material processing is embodied in chess

Titanium chess piece for competition and original chess board set

This competition chess set is made with authentic specifications in the competition size determined by the World Chess Federation. It is made with high-grade titanium for its beauty, appropriate size, and ease of use. We carve each individual piece with care, so they are distinguished by our elaborate processing. The matching chess board is made with durable MDF material, and can also be used as a case for storing the pieces. The surface is coated with a mixture of lacquer and resin, giving it a high-grade luxurious finish. We highly recommend this exquisite item.

*The chess board is not for sale individually.

The matching chess board beautifully reflects the chess pieces.

Titanium chess concept movie

Anodizing Treatment

Enjoy one-of-a-kind, high-grade titanium chess pieces, available in over 100 colors.

※Move the cursor over the pictures of the pieces below to display their size and weight.

  • Pawn

  • Rook

  • Knight

  • Bishop

  • Queen

  • King

It is set sale of 32 pieces and special chess board. For order production, please inquire about price and delivery date.

◯ Piece

Material: Titanium ( Ti - 6AL - 4V)

◯ Chess board

Material: MDF (mixed urethane and lacquer finish)

Size: Vertical 344 × Horizontal 344 × Height 151 (mm)

Weight: 5838 g